Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Chasing the perfect day

Day 3 Challenge - What does my perfect day look like?

This is a hard one... so many opportunities and so much choice!

It starts waking up in bed with my man (love him) and it ends with us together too. So at 5.15 the alarm goes off and up, into my gym gear and off to the gym. The shock of an early start is long gone. This is my getting ready for the forever, routine.

Today's strength training. I'm looking after my old bones. It's a 5-minute warm up and into the weights. I'm chuffed to see that I'm still pulling ahead. More reps or more weight and that's progress. Yes.

To finish, it's just one cheeky pull up. I've spent years wanting to do it, and now I can do it at will. Through the shower, into my favourite uniform and out to the car. Yep it's still GP (my step Dad's 1997 Jeep), lovingly maintained and bearing the DIY insignia proudly; 100% Bullshit Free.

I smile. That link to Gary and the cussing car are always good to see.

I look out to the ocean and see white caps. 25 knots I reckon. The crisp breeze puts a spring in my step.

Right then, coffee from my favourite local and a quick, friendly chat. Then back to my office for a content meeting with the team.

The team are mostly scattered around New Zealand and the meeting's online. Smiling faces pop up one after the other. Waving coffee cups, a bagel here, a cereal bowl there... I'm on the oats, fruit, yoghurt today - we're all brimming with fresh ideas.

My turn to take the meeting and it's a team member's turn to note the action points. We whizz through our agenda and have identified three key areas where we can add more value for DIY customers. Actions assigned.

I love how committed everyone is. We're really dedicated to getting behind small businesses in NZ.
  • Roadshows are doing well. 
  • New .Co members around the country are putting up their hands to get on board. 
  • Local Chambers of Commerce and Authorities are now on board.

Emails dealt with, it's time to move to the content. I pop into the Content Writing Forum (I'm head of that department) to see how everyone is progressing on their assignments. 

A newbie needs a bit of a hand, he's definitely over thinking it. We've all done that so I schedule a chat for later this morning to help him through and earmark a writer I can buddy him up with for ongoing support. 

I book my flights for next month. Wellington and Auckland are done. Serviced apartment arranged and email friends and family for some lovely social times.

Niece is coming to stay at the weekend (she's at Uni down the line) and bringing a mate. Alex is going hunting so we're going to head to the local ski fields for a bit of fun.

Meeting a mate for lunch to talk over a town fundraiser. Am pretty sure there's something we can do to make a difference but just need to find out a little more about what they've got covered and not.

I jump back into GP and head into town. A little Ella and Louis, a little louder than strictly necessary... and yes... the Lady is a Tramp.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3.

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