Sunday, 11 September 2016

Finding Your Focus - 10 Day Challenge

Today's challenge is to identify the top 2-3 things that I feel "are holding me back from living my ideal lifestyle". I'm going to shift that line into "life" vs "lifestyle". Semantics, semantics. But hey, this is my blog right?

For me "life" is the whole gig and "lifestyle" is the practice of living. Like my favourite Uncle always used to say (apart from reminding me to up my dosage of ugly pills... ha! bless him), "Life is not a dress rehearsal". My reply, "It's not a performance either".

So here goes - what's holding me back from living my ideal life?

The big one is fear. And it's not fear of failure (I know how to do that), it's fear of success. Particularly the kind of success that comes in the format of money or fame. Because a lot of the people I've seen with lots of money or lots of fame aren't very much like the sort of person I would like to be.

Does money change you? Does fame change you?  I think the answer here is yes and no. Depends who you are.

I'm me. So there's a worry (now that I've written it down), I can put aside. Note to anyone who's reading this - if I pull off my vision, make lots of money to take it even further, get public recognition and change the world for the better but STILL become an arsehole - point me back to this post and give me a solid clip around the ears!

So fear of success - into the dustbin you go. And I can say this firmly because over the last six months I have been the receiver of some awesome support from some truly wonderful people. They are successful. They are focused. And they've given me their time to help me reach my vision. And that's the kind of success I'm truly after.

Now, the second one is a given. Health and wellbeing. I'm not making that a priority and the consequences are clear.

I've got a dream to achieve. I think it's going to make a real difference for people. It's not complicated but it is hard work. It pulls on everything I've learned to date and I need other people to help me make it happen. Perfect.

But if I don't start prioritising health - physical, emotional, intellectual etc... then my poor body isn't going to be able to make it happen.

Now, I know I'm not alone in the letting health slide stakes. I'm not even alone in my own close circle of friends of being in remission. So you'd think I'd be a health nut already right? Wrong.

Call it survivor guilt, call it post traumatic shock, call it any freakin' fancy name you like but the bottom line is that it's just another form of fear.

This one is HUGE. I don't want to forgo my instant gratifications in the form of unhealthy habits... because what if I try and fail? What if cancer comes back and I've been all "good and healthy" for nothing.

That written down looks just as stupid as my first fear. Because bad habits do help cancer come back. And good habits give me more ammo to fight with, if it does. Plus, I'll get more done if I'm healthy - be faster, happier, more efficient. And I do have that big dream to see through.

So today I'm going to choose two new attitudes.

I'm going to embrace success. I'm going to recognise that people have faith in me for a reason and I'm going to actively ask for help to make my dream a reality.

I'm going to embrace a healthier existence. I'm going to fuel my body not burden it. I'm going to plan for a long and happy life that achieves more... instead of being afraid to look up and see clouds (real or imaginary) on the horizon.

So time to focus. Commit to the dream. Commit to fueling it with healthy practices. That doesn't look so hard now does it? Ha.

Attitudes & habits - I know what you're like. I'm watching you.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1.

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