Saturday, 17 September 2016

Who's in my tribe?

Day 6 of the challenge. Who's in my Tribe?

I totally agree accountability is important and so is support. So who's in my tribe? Who do I admire that's achieved what I want to achieve? Who do I admire that's achieving their own bodacious goals?

Who energises and motivates me? Who might be able to mentor me and help me see what I don't already know?

In short, some very cool people that I'm hugely privileged to know or know of...
Right now there's a whole bunch of smart, savvy women and men doing awesome things for small businesses throughout New Zealand. The thing is - we're only loosely connected up.

That's why I made the early decision to use the domain name and brand of DIY Marketing .Co. The .Co stands for the collective. And I have a massive goal to bring in the most capable, smart marketing people and businesses on board.

Why? There's plenty of room for all of us. All of us are regularly asked for advice outside our immediate area of expertise. And all us actually want to work in our sweet spots and have trusted allies to help us ensure that a small business owner's plan really works out.

I know a bit about SEO but when a client needs a solution, I try to hook them up with Allie. She has an incredible track record. And is smarter than any SEO number cruncher I know.

But it's not just about expertise, it's about mutual support. Those of us who talk and share info willingly don't give away our business, we actively gain business as more people understand the part of marketing we individually do best.

I can use MailChimp. But if I want a flawless solution, I go to Lindsey - New Zealand's best!

And I don't rely on contra to use other businesses' services because I value their expertise and they also value mine.

So my Tribe are the men and women who want to see small businesses succeed. They do what they do really well. They are willing to share knowledge and they know where they do their best work.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6.